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71 acres on Beaverdam Creek This is one of Hickman County's finest streams. Beaverdam Creek is a tributary to Duck River, west of Centerville, TN. Welcome to the historic community of Coble, TN
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71 acres on Beaverdam Creek
This is one of Hickman County's finest streams.
Beaverdam Creek is a tributary to Duck River, west of Centerville, TN.
Welcome to the historic community of Coble, TN

The 71 acre farm being sold at auction boasts almost 1200' of frontage on Beaverdam Creek, approximately 3 miles from the mouth on Duck River (400 Sulphur Creek Road).

This family farm is located on Sulphur Creek Road, address estimated to be 400 Sulphur Creek Road, Centerville, TN.  This 71 acre farm joins the well-known "Beaverdam Creek Farm" at 516 Sulphur Creek Road.  We are selling the 71 acre farm for the B. McNabb Estate.

The 71 acre Beaverdam Creek property is naturally divided by Sulphur Creek Road, leaving 31 acres on the northside (Beaverdam Creek frontage) and approximately 40 acres on the southside of Sulphur Creek with road frontage also on Lowe Branch Road.  We are offering the property in two tracts and as a whole.  There are three bidding lots, see descriptions below.

Frontage on Beaverdam Creek provides the owner of this mostly level farm land countless recreational opportunities.  Creek fishing is one of the joys this stream provides.  If you have never camped creekside on a gravel bar, add to your list of "things to do" this beautiful experience in nature.  As with any creek or stream, there are times of flooding, flash flooding or otherwise.  A portion of this property is currently listed in Flood Zone A; per the flood zone map it appears approximately 22 acres from Beaverdam Creek back 1,000' or so towards Sulphur Springs Road is located in zone A.
Local farmers have been running cattle on the portion of the farm south of Sulphur Springs Road while cutting hay off the 30+ acres north of the road to the creek.  The cattle is still on the farm with plans of being moved.  Please be mindful of the cattle, fencing, gates, etc. while viewing the property.  Do not open gates, climb fences or enter the property without first speaking with the auctioneer, David Hudgins.
There are several structures located on what is being referenced as Tract #2 - 40 acre tract.  One of these structures is the old farmhouse.  This house is located on the corner of Sulphur Springs Road and Lowe Branch Road.  I would not call this house a "Fixer-Upper"; I would call it a "Tearer-Downer" - you decide.  Yes, this portion of the farm has road frontage on both roads.  We estimate there is a total of 1,630' of frontage on both roads for this 40 acre tract.
Also located on this side of the road, on Tract #2 is the old Murphy Cemetery.  Tax records show an 80'x80' cemetery plot located on this property.
Tract #1 has an estimated 1,128' of frontage on Sulphur Springs Road and 1,160' of frontage on Beaverdam Creek.  The topography is level.  According to the topography map, there is one elevation interval located in the center of this tract.  When you see it, you will agree it is level.
Tract #2 has an estimated 1,630' of road frontage, this includes 1,072' on Sulphur Springs Road with the balance on Lowe Branch Road, at the corner and 262' at the southwestern corner of the property.
There is a small creek, Lowe Branch, traversing along the western boundary of this long stretch of farm land (1,650' from road to rear).  There is high point on this tract with a 613' elevation.  I would call this portion of the farm level with a rise to hilltop.  I will hike to this high elevation just to see the view for myself.  I do imagine it will be amazing.
Coble Community - This farm is located less than a mile from the historic Coble community.
Bid Lot #3 on the bidding site is the entire property as a whole.
The way "Multi-Par / Combo" works with online auctions, bidders bid on the tract as a whole.  The final bid amount will be divided by the acreage amounts stated (31 acres and 40 acres).  If the property sells in two tracts, a new survey will be required.  The final purchase amount will be determined by the exact acreage totals as determined by the survey.  Buying land cannot be much easier and more fair than this!
If the property sells as a whole, the farm will sell and transfer to the new owner per existing deed, no new survey will be necessary.

Online Bidding ends Thursday, June 16th at 6pm

There is a 10% Buyer's Premium added to the bid amount to determine the final purchase price.

David Hudgins, auctioneer - TN Lic#4787